Activate Windows 10 on OEM pc’s after a fresh install

New PC’s are now delivered with a simple Windows sticker on the case, as opposed to the Windows Product Key that could be found on earlier hard-ware. So what to do after a fresh install of Windows 10?

  1. Find the Windows 10 Product Key in the PC’s Bios with OEMKEY. This handy utility can be downloaded from NeoSmart Technologies here.
  2. Note down the key, press start and type: SLMGR.VBS /IPK [windows key] to register the key in your Windows installation
  3. Now, activate Windows with SLMGR.VBS /ATO

This only works with machines for machines with an OEM licence and a ‘MSDM’ table in their Bios. If the OEMKEY tool fails to locate this, you will have to either find a sticker on the machine with the key or find out if this machine is using a Volume Licence, and download another W10 image applicable to that.