Personal scratch pad, contacts & portfolio for a guy called Niels.

Living in a country I never thought I’d come back to, in a small town I’d never even heard of, enjoying the seasons and amused by old things with new names.

This web-site is not something I maintain for others; merely a place for projects and tinkering. If you came here looking for me, click here.



Working in IT since back when disks were floppy, proud father, happy husband and appreciator of good food&friends.

I can cook, climb mountains and repair cars but my best trait is knowing I’m not very good in any of them.

Ask me anything about anything to do with IT though, and we’re unbeatable, Google and me.

My public key and Social Proofs on BlockStack .
Further proofs & Where to Send your Coins on NameID .


Surrounded by technical specialists & fast internet, I work at the innovations department of ApplicationNet (KPN) as a Cloud Engineer. And though the Cloud is everywhere, I usually do this in the beautiful city of Groningen.

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Setting up your iOS phone or tablet to sync with NextCloud

      Any apps needing WebDav, for instance a Password Database wanting to put its database on a cloud, use: Protocol: HTTPS (preferred obviously, if you have a valid SSL certificate for your nextcloud install) or HTTP Host: (replace with your NextCloud URL) Port: can be left blank in most instances Local Path: …